Social Sculpture

The term Social Sculpture was coined by the German Sculptor and Activist Joseph Beuys in the 1950s. It is meant to make understand that a great part of the human experience is being created by the entirety of all individual human beings. It also aims at understanding the responsibility of each and every single human being.

I consciously look at all my lectures, workshops and other events as individual pieces of art, as social sculptures which add to the one big human sculpture.

HereĀ“s two quotes from participants in events:

“Two experiences from your workshop are strongly vivid in me.The hearing of our own sound and the neighbors and to keep balance. Second experience of being blind and guided by other people..again to guide and being guided. Through experiencing my own feelings….I discovered many things that improved the working together with colleagues and with others and bring me to more light and joy.”
Participant of one day workshop for 60 judges in Bangkok

“Walter brings a unique quality of warmth and creative insight to his work. He helped us to move forward both in the area of relationships and in project planning.”
Jim Sharman, Gamotcogon Educational Center, Iloilo, Philippines