The Experience-Field

The experience-field is a method to look at life: not haunted by past experiences or drawn away by dreams, but in the presence of the NOW. It is also a place with installations, experiences or artwork that supports you in the endeavour of being present.

We have two examples in the English-speaking world of experience-fields so far (there is an abundance of them in Central and Northern Europe).

Wisconsin, USA

We started this little experience-field in the fall of 2007. Individual events followed in 2008 and since 2009 it is open to the public as part of holistic pharmaceutical enterprise. You can get more information through me, but here is what the owner has to say about me:

“As a consultant, Walter has a way of listening and speaking which engages staff members. He has genuine interest, honesty and a willingness to find the unknown which makes everyone consider him as a friend and guide, not just as an answer man with a pre-arranged agenda. Nonetheless, he does carry an idea of why we are meeting and where we could go, which may sound paradoxical. He has something of the actor, who becomes the part before your eyes, so that he is real.”
Mark McKibben – Chief Indian, Wisconsin experience-field


With the creative power and organizational talent of sculptor Impy Pilapil ( we were able to establish an exhibition in Manila: „Interactive – Twelve Human Senses“ ran all through the first half year of 2008 at the Ateneo de Manila University Campus. As of now, we´re working to open permanent exhibitions in both Manila and Puerto Princesa on the island of Palawan.

There´s also a few videos on you tube

Impy´s comment about me: “Walter´s work is very much about beholding the 12 human senses. It is rather about feeling than explaining the ( secret ) laws of nature. He is touching one’s finer senses, that are already within each one of us but may be distracted away from us.” Impy Pilapil, Sculptor – Manila, Philippines


Some of the following experience-fields have at least parts of their websites in English as well – just try it out. And if you need any advice concerning the experience-field, let me know.